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Central Europe Triangle Pass
bullet  Destinations : Vienna, Prague, Salzburg and Budapest.

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The Central Europe Triangle Pass offers 3 one-way rail trips in 2nd class between the most popular cities in central Europe. Choose one-way rail travel to Vienna/Budapest/ Prague OR Vienna/Prague/Salzburg. Once you select your cities, you're free to start in the city of your choice and travel in any direction. You have one month to complete your rail travel, setting your own pace, schedule and itinerary. You'll have maximum flexibility and options, while exploring three of your new, favorite places.

  • Destinations : Vienna, Prague, Salzburg and Budapest.
  • Experience 3 of the most popular cities in central Europe as you enjoy 3 one-way trips, with 2 itineraries to choose from.
  • Children under 4 travel for free.

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